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the sound asleep the nightmare world of... cd album

Resivu VU001: THE SOUND ASLEEP ~ 'The Nightmare World of...' CD Album

The best of anthology of the late 1980s/90s
Psych No-Wave Guitar Contortionists -
From the vaults of the UK Paisley Underground scene

1. I'm Cold Outside
2. Kings of the Clover Green
3. Wild Leaves of Winterland
4. Loves Great Out Doors
5. Wild weekend
6. Darker Side of Pleasure
7. Explosive Mouth
8. Exhileration Dive
9. Beneath Her (Sable mantle)
10. The Silence


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hustler mr zodiac is back ep

VINYL RULES Rule1: HUSTLER ~ 'Mr Zodiac is Back!' EP

Classic single taken from the album 'Kiss the World Goodbye'
with 3 previously unreleased instrumentals

1. Mr Zodiac is Back!
2. The Mustang Chill
3. Beneath The Shimmering Stars
4. In The Cold Light Of Day (Edit)


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hustler mr zodiac is back ep

Resivu RRCD111: HUSTLER ~ 'Kiss The World Goodbye' CD Album

Latest album from Casino Twangsters Hustler contains
13 Glouriosly twisted and torturous tales of despair, death and heartbreak!


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