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resivu records purveyors of fine psych surf garage music since 1990




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Resivu Records is a London based independent record label set up in the late 1980s by Aron Hegarty of Vinyl Solution records.
The aim of the label is to enlighten the world to the stereophonic delights of Psych/Surf/Garage music and Groovy Cinematic sounds ~
For the past 20 years the label has religiously put out a small but essential catalogue of releases by the likes of The Sound Asleep, Hustler, Vibrasonic, Thee Hypnotics and Ian Lowery.




HIP-1: THEE HYPNOTICS ~ Love in a Different Vein b/w All Night Long (1988 7” Single)
RRS001: THE SOUND ASLEEP ~ Exhileration Dive b/w Beneath Her (1990 7” Single)
RRS002: VIBRASONIC ~ Don’t Leave Me Tired b/w Unloved Insane (1992 7” Single released in association with Target Records)
RRS003: IAN LOWERY ~ Time is Gone b/w Sucker Punch (1992 7” Single)

RRS100: THE SPINES ~ Volcano EP (1997 CD Single)
RRS101: HUSTLER ~ Russian Roulette EP (2001 CD Single)
RRS102: HUSTLER ~ Danger Lovers EP (2006 CD Single)
RRS103: HUSTLER ~ Dead in the Water EP (2007 CD Single)

VINYL RULES Rule1: HUSTLER ~ Mr Zodiac is Back! EP (2010 CD Single)

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RRCD104: THE SPINES ~ Pulling The Wings Off Flies (CD Album)
RRCD105: THE ARM ORGANISATION ~ Transmissions From A Strange Void (CD Album)
RRCD106: THE ARM ORGANISATION ~ The Disorientation Zone (CD Album)
RRCD107: HUSTLER ~ Musique Pur Les Generations Perdues (2002 CD Album)
RRCD108: HUSTLER ~ Warped Oscillatons (2004 CD Album)
RRCD109: HUSTLER ~ T-Shirt
RRCD110: HUSTLER ~ Caught Inside Diension No.9 (2005 CD Album)
RRCD111: HUSTLER ~ Kiss The World Goodbye… (2008 CD Album)

VU001: THE SOUND ASLEEP ~ The Nightmare World of… (2012 CD Album)
VU002: THE SOUND ASLEEP ~ Demos and Rarities (2012 CD Album)
VU003: PROF. VIC VIBRATO ~ On Psychedelic Safari (To Be Released)

the spines pulling the wings off flies front cover

arm transmissions from a strange void front cover

hustler musique pour les generations perdues album cover

hustler dimension no. 9 front cover

hustler kiss the world goodbye front cover

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